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Entourage Transportation Frequently Asked Questions.


What forms of payments do you accept?

   We accept cash and credit cards (V/MC/AMEX/Disc) for final payment of
   charges incurred.

Do I have to reserve my reservation with a credit card?

   Yes.  We require a credit card on file to secure all reservations.  All
   "reservations" are considered quotes and not secure until we have a valid
​   card on file.
How do protect my financial information?
   Only our highly trained office staff will have access to your credit card
   and personal information.  In cases where a client changes payment
   types a chauffeur may be required to call in to the office with your new
   credit card information.  We do not store any of your credit card information
   on our office computers and our credit card processor only shows the last
   four digits of the credit card.

How do you protect my personal information?
   We value your trust in our company.  We do not share your personal
   information (i.e. phone number, address, email, or other information)
   with any person outside our company.  Our chauffeurs are taught discretion
​   and under no circumstances will share who our clients are with anyone.

Do you require a deposit?

   No.  We don't take a deposit on reservations, however, we do require a
   valid credit card on file to secure your reservation.  A credit card can be
   charged if a reservation is cancelled outside of our cancellation policy or
   a member of your party violates any of our terms of service.

Will I get a receipt?

   Yes.  Once final billing is complete for your reservation, the office will
   email a copy of your receipt to you for your records.

What happens if I extend my tour / reservation?
   If we have the ability to extend your hourly reservation the charges
   will incur at the hourly rate broken down into 15 minute increments.  
   Ask a Client Services Representative for more information.

What makes you different than a taxi or other on demand service?

   We hire and train people to be chauffeurs, not just "drivers".  Our training
   includes customer service, navigation, and on the road "driver" training.
   Our chauffeurs wear a clean black suit, will greet you with a smile, and
   provide the highest​ quality service possible.
Why do I need a pre-arranged reservation?
   The answer is two-fold.  First- in order to provide the best possible
   experience for every client we don't schedule reservations too close
   together in case of an unforeseen delay.  Second- some of the jurisdictions
​   we operate in require a minimum of 1 hour between reservation and pickup.

What do "point to point" and "as directed" mean?
​   A "point to point" or "transfer" is a pickup at one address and drop off at
   another address.  Typically this service does not have any stops in between
   start to end.  "As directed" or "hourly" is more flexible and allows for
   intermittent stops (sometimes on the fly) and the chauffeur waits for your
   party during the stops.  An "as directed" or "hourly" reservation will have
​   a minimum of 2 hours for an executive sedan and 3 hours for any other vehicle.
What is the typical tip or gratuity, and is it included?
  There is no "typical" amount for a gratuity for a reservation.  Many clients will
   provide between 10-20% as a gratuity to the chauffeur.  Our chauffeurs strive
​   to provide the best service and earn their service fee.

How many wineries can we visit on a wine tour?

   While we want our clients to experience as much of the wine country as
   possible, it is important to note that we don't provide "booze cruises".
   Depending on your starting location and the locations of the wineries,
   you can expect to visit four or five wineries during a 6 hour tour and five
   to six wineries during an 8 hour tour.  The average person on a wine tour
   will taste the equivalent of a bottle of wine during the tour.
How many passengers can I put in the vehicle?
   We believe in your comfort and safety above all else.  We do not allow
   clients to overload a vehicle.  Executive sedans can seat up to 4 clients
   and all other vehicles are based on the number of seat belts available.
​   Many other companies will "allow" more passengers, but it is a safety issue
​   that we take very seriously.
How are you different than Uber, Lyft, and other TNCs?
Entourage operates some of the best maintained vehicles and highly qualified
   chauffeurs in the industry.  All of our chauffeurs are required to pass a
   comprehensive background check, pre-employment, and random drug
​   tests.  We carry the proper amount of insurance and we adhere to
​   all state and local regulations.